The NHMRG-RxTrials: World-class Quality; Proven Leadership


The Clinical trial execution process is a highly regulated endeavor with complex and changing regulatory environment and constant oversight by federal and other institutional agencies. The NHMRG-RxTrials team has a proven track record of trial execution with the highest level of data integrity and quality. NHMRG has expertise in successfully executing Phase II-to-Phase IV trials ranging in complexity and duration from short quick trials lasting a few months in duration to large multi-year, multi-country trials lasting 4-5 years. RxTrials is the industry’s leading site management organization with an unparalleled degree of trust and close relationships with CRO’s and Pharmaceutical sponsors and proven track record of strong site development and management. Our network members get access to the very best leadership, training, guidance and support in business and research operations that the industry has to offer, resulting in an incomparable competitive advantage.